BY Benjamin

March 27, 2019

Bad profile photos and homemade headshot selfies just don’t cut it in this competitive business world. Sure, there are times where casual and personable employee/owner pics can be good, but not for your first-impressions on your website, social media accounts, or LinkedIn, for example. It is stated that on LinkedIn if you have a professional headshot, you will receive seven times as many views than those who do not. This fact alone should be enough motivation to get a headshot done by a professional photographer.

Serious Style

You don’t have to forgo personality or style in order to have a professional face on your headshot. Any photographer worthy of his title will know how to shape your headshot into a personable, yet professional look that will feel inviting for anyone viewing your website or profile. The key is in quality photography and presenting yourself that says you mean business and that your time taken in making your headshot presentable means you do not cut corners.

Keeping Up Appearances

Your headshot should be an accurate reflection of who you are right now. If you have an old picture of yourself or one that shows you in an old hairstyle/grooming, people are going to feel a bit taken aback when they interview you. You should have your headshot updated at least every couple of years to keep things from feeling dated.

Legitimize Yourself

It should not be underestimated how valuable a headshot is, showing that you are official in the professional world. There are a lot of phony businesses out there or business startups that are only one by name with no material existence. Some even try using stock photos to legitimize their veneer. By having a professional headshot done to place your face and name with your brand, it legitimizes you for future clients looking for people they can trust.

Update the Resume

Last, but not least, you should seriously consider getting a new headshot taken if your business has changed in any significant way or if you’ve reached a new achievement. Companies do this all the time in various industries, it has a very big psychological purpose of generating that “new” fresh feeling to a brand we’ve already become familiar with. The same goes for updating your headshot when you’ve switched gears and now serve less corporate or new international clientele. Looking your best is a universally-understood expression that you care and that you will do what it takes to be successful for your customers and clients


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Captain of ships and commander to a crew of designers. Benjamin Williams is a creative director with over 20 years of experience working with the world’s largest brands.