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April 23, 2022


Your outfit is often the first thing anyone will notice, no matter how much someone insists they don’t care about looks.

Being the case, it is vital to always be on top of trends and fashion. This way, you can make sure you’re dressed to the nines at all times. But keeping up with these constantly rotating trends is difficult and expensive when materialising your clothing design goals. This is where timeless designs come to play.

With versatility and high standing in the fashion industry, these timeless clothing designs will never let you down. Remember, we’re happy to consult you on additional design solutions, be it for heels, bags, jackets, or generic clothing. 

What’s best, we create personalised designs which can add fantastic intricacy to your clothes. While some of our clients want funky prints, others prefer a design for embedded initials – the opportunities to customise your wearables are endless.



Excellent and Timeless Clothing Design Ideas You Can Always Opt for

We rummaged through hundreds of info, catalogues, and fashion niches websites and have listed the best evergreen style statements that will make you stand out from the rest.


1. Little Black Dress

The little black dress is a classic wardrobe staple for most women. Abbreviated as LBD, any clothing expert will back it up as an iconic fashion statement from the 1920s. 

Although it’s called a little black dress, there is no restriction on the dress other than it being black. In other words, the dress could be different for every woman. It could be the difference in length, frills, neckline, fabric, or pattern; the possibilities are limitless.

The little black dress provides the wearer with a tremendous confidence boost. Looking and feeling good is a given in an LBD. 

Strictly speaking, it is just a plain and simple black dress. So, what makes it so alluring? 

Ironically, it is the same striking simplicity that makes it so unique. Its monotony helps highlight the person wearing it, putting the audience under a spell. Now imagine printing a tiny logo, character or a custom-made pictorial design somewhere on this neat clothing option. If you wish to, get in touch with our in-house designers.


2. Animal Prints

Even as trends come and go, animal prints stay as relevant as ever. From the exceedingly popular cheetah print to the current craze for cow print, you can be sure to leave an impressive mark on society.

Animal prints have always been a symbol of status, displaying glamour, style, and versatility. Considered expensive and exotic, they have been catching the eyes of design professionals forever. Factually, the scope of design modification for such clothing design ideas via technology is mind-blowing!

Animal print is fierce and fashion-forward while somehow still making us feel nostalgic. From our grandparents to us, this creative aesthetic has always stayed constant in the design sphere. Above this, it is safe to say that animal print trends are here to stay for the long haul.

Animal print clothing is also a fabulous way to change your look completely. Depending on the type of print you choose, you can alter the stylistic elements of your clothing personality. For instance, while leopard prints make you look bold and daring, zebra prints bring on an air of class.

Additionally, animal prints go with anything! Whether you wear them with neutrals or even more animal print, there’s no wrong way to go about it.

We’re happy to digitally create a mixture of multiple animal prints and help you kickstart a new clothing design trend.


3. Floral Prints

While animal prints bring out your ferocious side, floral prints go for a softer approach to your aesthetic. Especially perfect for spring and summer, floral prints come back year after year. 

These are ideal for all your social media representations as well, giving you an air of elegance and allure. Whether you’re rocking a flower-patterned dress or a floral shirt, you are guaranteed to make an impression.

Moreover, floral patterns are endlessly variable. You could have a closet full of flower-patterned clothes yet not have to wear a similar look. 

Remember, floral clothes provide a gentle and tasteful look, helping you stay trendy through the ages. If you desire a tweaked floral design on your clothing, let’s get talking.

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4. Leather, Fur, and Suede

Initially, a mark of high social standing, leather, fur, and suede have taken the fashion world by storm since the very beginning. These fabrics are superb for cold weather and make for a practical fashion trend.

In the most basic sense, leather and fur are produced by taking away the lives of (sometimes only harming) animals. Leather is the product of a prepared hide or skin of an animal, usually a cow. In comparison, fur is the same, but of a furry animal (Cruella de Vil has already taught us a lot about fur).

Did You Know: Cruella de Vil is a Disney character who wears a furry royal coat.

But in better news, it’s already possible to make leather through bio fabrication. It is also common to make fur with artificial methods without harming living creatures. This is much more environmentally responsible, efficient, and humane. 

Thus, designers and consumers must keep creating sustainable clothing and do their part for the planet.

All in all, these fabrics make for beautiful clothing designs, giving your attire the aesthetic charm you’ve always craved for. Keep in mind, we can always create computer-made designs for that exotic leather, fur, or suede lying in your cupboard.


5. Trench Coats

Trench coats have featured in so many blockbuster movies that it is hard to keep count. Humphrey Bogart’s iconic look in the 1942 film Casablanca, Audrey Hepburn in the iconic movie, Breakfast at Tiffany’s in 1961.

Not to mention Keanu Reeves and his ensemble in 1999’s The Matrix. The trench coat has always been an iconic piece of clothing design. 

Not only does it drop in a tinge of superiority on your looks, but it also serves as a full-body wearable with epic design scope. Convenient to wear during cold weather, it elevates the look of any winter outfit. You could also stitch up a custom-made bike design or your favourite sports team’s emblem to move one step ahead of everyday trench coats.


6. Suits

No, not the TV show, but the series does indeed give you an excellent example of how much clothes can amplify your image and holistic personality. And when you have the liberty to hire design experts – there’s no limit to your clothing design options.

The character on the right, Michael Ross, is posing as a lawyer at a firm. Yet no one can tell the difference owing to his dapper suit and subtly evident wits.

There’s truly nothing better than a suit when it comes to a classy and tasteful outfit. 

However, choosing a suit is a meticulous job. With decisions to make like, what kind of fit you’d like to have and what type of tie you want around your neck, it is essential to choose the options that convince you as an individual.

To illustrate, slim-fit suits are more appropriate for casual events, not for boardroom meetings. On the other hand, three-piece suits are ideal for handling business and making good impressions.

If you are looking for a simple but sleek look for 5 days a week, for a 9 to 5, a classic suit is best fitted (no pun intended) for you.

Other than this, even the jackets and pants have multiple options to choose from. The tie you use with your suit also can transform your look. Unique metal ties, funky designs, and bow ties are only a tiny part of how interesting they can be. 

Why don’t we create a computer simulation and bring the power of graphics to begin planning your next suit’s design?

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7. Solid Colour T-shirts

Solid coloured t-shirts are always appropriate, no matter the occasion. 

Paired with some stylish ripped jeans, you get a quick and easy casual wear outfit. Women can also capitalise on such clothing designs if matched with an A-line skirt or trousers.

Furthermore, the colour you decide to wear can also help represent how you look. To take advantage of this, you need an in-depth understanding of how the colour theory works and its role in design.

When you sense you’ve used these T-shirts enough to establish an aged look on them, revamp them using creative design techniques. Either go for cropping, painting, or drawing, and you’ll own a wholly new article of clothing through this delightful experience.


8. White Button-up

The classic white button-up is one piece of clothing that is sure to exist in your closet, regardless of your gender and age.

It is such an adaptable garment; you can wear it with anything. With jeans, sweatpants, trousers, leggings; hell, wear it on its own!

Above this, it is undoubtedly an undying trend boasting plenty of wear because of its versatility, making it an excellent investment for your wardrobe. 

You can take it out to the beach as a cover-up for your swimwear or pair it with a full skirt to get that elegantly formal look. You can also crop it to show off your midriff or wear it with jeans, a blazer, and a pair of hoops, giving you a chic vibe. 

To sum up, anyone can adopt this clothing design idea anywhere and be regarded as someone having impeccable fashion sense. 

However, given the flexibility of the white button-up, there is an overwhelming assortment of options and considerations to keep in mind while buying or even designing one.

While thinking of the fit, fabric, silhouette, and price, you need to find one that suits your style. You can always go for the crisp classics. But perhaps you want something different, in which case you can find the white classics spruced up with the addition of puffed sleeves, ruffled collars, ruched bodices, and more outlandish features.


9. High Heels

Believe it or not, heels have a rich history dating back to the 10th century. 

High heels were initially designed for Persian soldiers to secure their feet in stirrups in the 15th century. But by the 17th century, upper-class women had adopted the style to elevate their attire’s aesthetic quality, both socially and literally.

Since then, women and stylish men have kept heels a popular choice to complete any outfit. 

High heels lovers have so many designs to choose from, pumps, wedges, and stilettos – the list seems endless.

Heels give you the confidence to go and seize the day. What’s more, they give you a boost (literally) to live life to the fullest. 

Let’s be honest, who hasn’t wanted to fashion their way through a catwalk after putting on a pair of striking heels?

If you’re open to suggestions, consider working on a design to acquire unique cuts on the heals, funks exteriors, and subtle-yet-bold engravement of your initials. Let’s get designing. 

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10. Branded Sneakers

Sneakers are imperative for every closet. The majority of sneaker fans out there are mesmerised by the inclusion of self-innovated designs for sneakers. This clothing design idea has taken our generation by storm, whether a jazzy mix of colours or a unique lace style.

If you find the shoes that fit you and your athletic needs perfectly, there’s nothing like it. But proficiency must go hand in hand with a radical design.

This is where branded sneakers come in. They are made to maximise efficiency while providing a look to die for.

Nike, Adidas, Converse, and Jordan, are leading names in the sneaker industry. But even high fashion brands such as Balenciaga and Gucci have put their names in the hat.

Branded sneakers, however, are not quite affordable. There’s no cause for concern since you can buy cheap, plain shoes and customise them using your design acumen!

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11. Designer Bags

What better to turn a seemingly drab outfit into runway-ready than a designer handbag? Luxury handbags are phenomenal accessories explicitly designed to augment one’s entire look, from loungewear to casual office or a fancy dinner date.

Be it totes, top handles, or cross bodies, you won’t be able to get enough. Coming from name brands, they are known to stand the test of markets and time. And the best news is, designer bags that age only makes them vintage! 

Most popular designer handbags are incredibly elastic, leaving you care-free on having to match and style them. 

The holy trinity of opulent handbags is definitely the way to go if you are a first-time buyer and an avid admirer of luxury handbags. Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Hermes have proved to be the best in business. However, this doesn’t discredit all the other dark horses like Valentino Garavani and Bottega Veneta, who are known for their handbags in their own right.




The most pleasing part of these clothing design ideas is that they’ll never go out of style. Simply put, wear them till you’re old and wrinkly or hand them down to your children. 

Rest assured, you will always be in trend with such clothing solutions in your wardrobe. Therefore, mix and match these ideas to create your ultimate, timeless outfit.

At 55knots, we’re privileged to guide customers in creating graphical designs for their clothing items.

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