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June 16, 2022


Coffee shops are a sanctuary for some and a necessity to many, but we can all agree with the soothing and cosy ambience it creates. 

They don’t just sell an array of coffee types but provide a haven where conversations are held and time is spent in one’s comfort. To make your coffee shop stand out, you must create a perfect blend of design and typography.

Typography is an art of text arrangement and representation, and it’s highly relevant in marketing strategies to invoke emotions. A brand’s perception or first impression is carried by its logo. The logo is designed keeping in mind how consumers correlate the brand symbol with the brand’s objective. 

What’s more, variations of snippets of the logo may be implemented in other marketing material, be it cups, tables, chairs, doors, or your coffee shop’s merchandise.



How to Choose the Right Coffee Shop Font?

How to Choose the Right Coffee Shop Font?

You have the intent and the space to have your coffee shop. The next part is branding and aesthetics. Basically, how your coffee shop is going to look and feel. Consider creating your logo with the help of a design expert.

Think of it this way, fonts are like “outfits” for your brand, and you want to be the best-dressed.

To make the impeccable logo, you need the correct font, which will be on-brand and easily recognisable. Here are some pointers to identify when choosing a coffee shop font:

  1. Knowing The Intent

The intent is the bread and butter for any brand. The intent behind your brand is what inspires your logo. Whether it’s a clothing brand or a coffee shop brand, your font is what expresses the tone of your brand. You can be friendly, professional, or even funky.

  1. Typography Research

A quick dive into different font styles and their design can help you choose the coffee shop font of your dreams. Typography tells you how attractive your fonts might look when displayed. Moreover, it allows you to pair a catchy phrase or tagline (if you wish to have one) with your logo.

  1. Typeface vs. Font

If you’re new to the designing game, it might be tricky to distinguish between typeface and font.

Typeface: A set of alphabets and accessories in a particular design.
Font: The varied size of a particular typeface. For example, 12-point Arial is a font.

This difference helps us navigate in finding a better font with the primary typeface in mind. It matters because of the outlook. An illegible typeface will not be well appreciated due to a lack of clarity or ill-fitting design. 

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  1. Font Versatility

Font versatility focuses on consistency. Branding should be consistent. Whether you choose to display it on a billboard, advertise it on your products, or expand your digital marketing grounds. The font should be the same across all platforms.

Avoiding outrageously popular fonts like Papyrus or Helvetica saves time on redesigning logos and labels. Overly popular designs can generate all the hype at a point in time, but eventually, it outgrows and no longer gives a refreshing aesthetic to your brand.

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  1. Decisive Contrast

A catchy phrase to go along with the logo is a cherry on top. Easy to remember and recognise, short bite-sized phrases can remain at the tip of the tongue.

And to design a logo featuring a phrase, contrast is a nice touch. Having similar fonts for logos and taglines can make it hard to differentiate. A strong contrast will complement each element of your logo, giving it the freshness your brand requires.


9 Coffee Shop Fonts for Logos and Labels

Now let’s get down to business. When we think of hipster designing, we imagine something eccentric and edgy, a little out-of-the-box, if you will.

We’ve already glossed over the balance between branding and font choices. To create a fresh and hipster logo to match the ambience of your coffee shop, you need fonts that speak for themselves. Not your run-off-the-mill font but something experimental.

Without beating around the bush any further, here are some refreshing coffee shop fonts you can use to take your coffee shop’s branding to the next level:


1. Cocktail Serif Font

Cocktail Serif Font

Sure, the name has a cocktail in it, but that doesn’t mean it won’t perfectly fit right with your coffee shop logo. 

Designed by Max Duy T., Cocktail font is a rich retro display serif font that exudes vintage nostalgia with elegance. Design experts confidently call it a simplistic font style that capitalises on the quality of your coffee shop.

The bold strokes donning on certain alphabets give the whole font character that speaks for itself. Achieve a creative and minimalist look with a touch of cosiness that matches the aura in your coffee shop with this font.

Design an artistic logo with a well-crafted menu to match. This font flows well if you’d like to create simple or lifestyle designs for packaging and labels. Or fashion a lovely label to showcase your cafe’s practical and rooted atmosphere emphasising premium coffee.

Available in European languages, shop owners can use ligatures with alternate stylistic sets. Even better, this font is supported across all design platforms.

Note: Ligatures are accessible on Adobe Illustrator.


2. Regina Black

Regina Black

Bold fonts are easy to see and attractive to the eyes. Regina Black is an excellent recommendation if you want to meet the eccentric requirement with class and elegance. 

You can achieve desirable readability with finesse in the design. It is a heavy typeface font that borrows inspiration from the Art Nouveau motifs of the 1900s and the chunky style of the 70s. 

Designed by Charles & Thorn, they like to describe it as the “funky and friendly” font. 

Fresh and funky in style, Regina Black delivers a fine look and flexible utility. What’s best, it is available in variable, solid, and hilite styles and for over 20 Latin languages, including German, French, Italian, and Spanish, to name a few.

They’re not only limited to alphabets but numerals and accessories such as ornaments and borders to emphasise your message. 

To be extra spunky, you can also play around and interchange between two styles, shaded and solid. Whether you want your logo to be the star of the show or slip in a cheeky catchphrase, Regina Black font gives you the freedom to do that and showcase phenomenal branding techniques.


3. Growler Script

Growler Script

A freshly brewed font indeed, Growler Script leaves a refreshing taste with just the right amount of smoothness.

Growler Script is a mono-weight script font created by Hustle Supply Co. It adds a retro touch to give your coffee shop that grunge feel.

There’s no denying the classiness of script fonts. The buttery flow glides across effortlessly. Graphic designers appreciate how smartly it’s complemented with a bold sans serif typeface to accentuate the elements within the design. 

If you’re looking for a poster child logo for a hipster coffee shop font, then you might want to consider Growler Script. Match the hipster energy of your coffee shop with an equally characteristic font.

The style is intended to design titles and logos featuring a duet of a script typeface with custom lettering having heavy vintage inspirations. Moreover, the balance within the characters makes it versatile for any arena of branding or marketing. Whether it’s a venue or for a flyer, the basic essentials for an effective font are present.

Available in OTF format, the font comes with glyphs and multiple alternates for you to try and test out the best. Capital letters are curated to look like custom lettering. With Growler Script, there’ll be no page left to turn in your font-choosing experience.

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4. Brooklyn Coffee Custom Font

Brooklyn Coffee Custom Font

Try the Brooklyn Coffee Custom font if you’re looking for classic vintage signage for your coffee shop.

Designed by Cruzine Designs, it displays the rich rustic quality of a past era. Emulate the essence of the past with this rich handwritten font. It’s available in two versions – regular and outline.

Pair it with the eclectic contrast of script and bold custom lettering to let your logo speak for itself. You can also achieve a brooding grunge look to match your coffee shop.

This font is versatile and can be used for logos, apparel, stationery and books, to name a few.


5. Magle Coffee Branding Script

Magle Coffee Branding Script

The day starts with a fresh cup of coffee, and font choosing starts your coffee shop’s branding journey. 

The coffee shop font you need to start on the right foot is Magle Coffee Branding Script. Designed by Konstantine Studio, this font is a couplet of sans serif and script. 

Baked with love and care, this font will give a touch of cosiness you want in tune with your café atmosphere. We’ve seen coffee shop owners in the past who’ve succeeded in maintaining a clean yet casual look to meet their modern-vintage branding demands.
If you’re seeking designers to help you ideate accurate fonts based on market research and an eye for identifying which font fits your brand identity –  get in touch today.


6. Black Coffee

Black Coffee

Staples are familiar and practical. They achieve the purpose without any extra noise. 

The Black Coffee font, just like the beverage, is simple yet bold, with attention to detail in the appropriate places. Above this, it’s a hand-drawn typeface with a touch of vintage influence that is refreshing and decorated with a look of superior classiness.

Created by Justin Green, this practical font is applicable for logos, apparel and anything you can think of. It’s available for alternate ligatures for several characters and glyphs to give your coffee shop the aesthetics it deserves.

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7. Bread Crumbs

Bread Crumbs

Handwritten fonts fit the hipster image quite snugly. There’s something about handwritten designs and fonts that stand out and are loaded with a friendly charm. 

Create a unique look for your brand with inventiveness and a hint of warmth with bread crumbs.

Designed by Sarid Ezra, Bread Crumbs is a script and handwritten serif font that is versatile and is sure to catch the eye of passers-by. Not only exclusive as coffee shop fonts, but it also fits every mould you can think of, from restaurants to clothing boutiques. 

It’s hard not to notice the chalk-drawn feel of the letters, giving the visual aesthetics of an outside menu board of a café. Whether you want to be experimental or authentic, you can’t go wrong with a trail of “Bread Crumbs.”

8. Neophyte Typeface

Neophyte Typeface

There’s nothing that screams unique as much as a Neophyte Typeface font. Created by Hendry Juanda, this font is heavily inspired by symbols from the 60s and the 70s.

You can achieve an elusive and bold look for your brand. It’s a reverse contrast serif, meaning there is more emphasis on the horizontal lines in comparison to the vertical lines of the typeface.

Besides being suitable for logos, invitations, fashion, make-up, magazines and a wide range of marketing designs, it’s available in many sizes, making it ideal for more giant advertisements as well. 

Remember, it includes uppercase and lowercase alphabets, numerals and punctuation. Above all, it supports multilingual and stylistic alternates to help you find the right fit.


9. Sullivan


Designed by Jason Mark Jones, the Sullivan font is a breath of fresh air. It’s crisp and to the point, including only the necessary tweaks needed for an eye-catching coffee shop logo.

Designers praise this bold display typeface that incorporates a bevel font style with hand-drawn flair adding a certain innovative panache to it.

Usable in three variations, the shadows create a structure that adds a lot of personality to the font.

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Good branding starts with a simple step, a logo or label. It’s at the forefront of your business. With such immense competition, be it amongst coffee shops or other businesses, the first impression is the last. Factually, to achieve the best, you have to choose better than the rest. 

Finding the perfect font to represent what your enterprise stands for can be a pickle, but you can accomplish it with the right resource and creative thought. 

People gravitate towards coffee shops for great coffee and the ambience. As a store or franchise owner, investing in the right coffee shop font is as much your duty as procuring premium coffee beans.
Get talking with our design masterminds today and kickstart your coffee shop font selection or development journey.


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