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July 14, 2022


Effective font designs beautifully communicate the human language of letters in visual form to fill the gaps in the brand identity among its audience.

Barbershop font styles need to be trendy and attractive with a hipster typeface to resonate with customers’ sense of fashion and invoke modish emotions.

Contemporary barber shops are a hub for fashion-hungry youth looking for new hairstyles every fortnight. A creative font for barber shops should convey the message of style and the quality of the service given to customers.

An aesthetical font speaks for the brand and can make your shop stand out when correct typography elements materialise into a striking font design for the shop.

Font styles impact customers’ perception of your brand. For example, luxury brands use Coldiac fonts to showcase the brand’s elegance, whereas traditional brands prefer Serif fonts to represent their heritage.

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How to Select the Best Barber Shop Fonts?

There are three essential factors to consider when selecting a font face for a barber shop.

  • Brand Persona

Figure whether your shop specialises in hipster hairstyles or serves all kinds of customers looking for chic haircuts. Choose a font to symbolise your service based on the extent of your target audience.

  • Readability

A font face must be legible, unique, and easily readable to the audience. Always select a font face depending on the body size of the sentence or brand name. Also, ensure that the font face works well in multiple sizes.

Decorative typefaces work best for headlines and titles in contrast with simple fonts, suitable for large sentence bodies.

  • Limited Fonts

Too many cooks spoil the food, and too many fonts spoil the design. Select a maximum of two to three font styles and apply them interchangeably in your shop. Limited font styles build recognition and remain versatile.

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The 11 Best Barber Shop Fonts Trending in 2022

Creative shop fonts appeal to the target customers. It’s a silent association between a shop and a potential customer. Thus, design experts focus on creating fonts fusing with the overall design of the shop and yet standing as a distinct brand trait.


1. Nexa Rust

Nexa Rust

Like its name, Nexa font doesn’t rust. It’s adaptable and can be the front face of a barbershop for a long time with its sans serif typeface.

The font’s accurate typography is easily legible, and its modern geometric design looks friendly and approachable to the eyes. Developed by Bulgarian designer Svetoslav Simov in 2012, Nexa is equally relevant today with its ultra-modern type design.

Nexa Rust will exude a fashionista vibe from your barber shop. Its simple minimalist stroke with varying textures is perfect for a hipster-inspired barber shop. Moreover, it features various font weights with rough characters to create a warm look.

Whether you want to display the shop’s name or hairstyle terminology, Nexa Rust is suitable for both titles and texts alike. Shop owners apply heavyweights of this font type to capture the instant attention of the customer.

Font designers describe Nexa Rust as a multi-faceted font system capable of rousing the bold attitude and reliability of the brand. Barber shops can use Nexa’s different font types to showcase the style and quality elements of the shop.


2. Parlour


The Parlour typeface, inspired by men’s brands, resonates with a barber shop design. Its vintage looks create a retro feeling and implicitly drop the message of elegance and stability of the salon’s service.

Its classic display typeface is designed to perform at large sizes with its decorative style. Barber shops can use the Parlour font to present a specific theme of the shop – most often denoting old-school classiness or rusticity in its modern form.

Additionally, it portrays the authenticity of a barber’s work ethic, who is a stylish hair-setting professional, creating enhanced Hollywood looks. The typography draws the attention of crowds looking for nouveau hairstyles to upgrade their fashion.

This font comes in OTF (Open Type Font) format with alphabets, punctuation and numbers. Hence, barber shops can display banners, posters, and shop titles using Parlour’s industrial font design.

It can be easily shaped to construct a customise font face for your barber shop. Design experts curate such fonts to fuse art with lettering for a stunning first impression on the client.


3. Noir Font

Noir Font

A sans serif font, Noir is a mixture of sophistication and elegance of design. It creates an organic look for the barbershop.

This typeface comes in 20 variants with a high-quality geometric layout inspired by 20th-century font faces. Its letterform and typography allow its display as large and small text bodies, apt for logos, title names, shop’s style menu, and signages.

It has an organic personality and a warm lettering style to make customers feel luxurious about the shop. Noir also supports international characters like Greek and Cyrillic. Its clean and attractive design resembles a structured environment with vintage aesthetics.

Salon owners can use Noir with varying weights for a bold outlook of the barbershop. Its open-type features beckon salon goers looking for regular haircuts or popular hairstyles equally.

Font designers suggest utilising Noir’s heavyweight and textured typeface for an appealing look that echoes minimalism and leaves a lasting impact on the consumers.


4. The Brandon Grotesque

The Brandon Grotesque

Do not go by its name because ‘’The Brandon Grotesque’’, creates a mesmerising effect that is quite the opposite of its nomenclature.

Its sans-serif typeface with a descender that cuts the letters in equal sizes makes it legible and distinguishable in the crowd. The functional letterform and weights are great for displaying texts. In other words, suitable for large and small text bodies similarly.

Barber shops can use it to give a touch of distinctive elegance to draw customers’ attention. Its simplicity and unique typography have made it the font face of Comedy Central. The font’s calm look is simply inviting for a haircut and relaxing time at the shop. 

Haircutting salons should use their heavy black-weight typeface to appear as a formidable choice. Grotesque’s varying text styles excite customers to visit the shop and evoke tranquil yet classy emotions.

Font experts attribute the success of this font to its low x-height, which is not a typical feature for sans-serif fonts.

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5. Smythe Regular

Smythe Regular

Smythe is a regular font that gives a homey feeling of visiting a local shop for a usual haircut. It connects the customer’s emotions with the barbershop.

It has a 20th-century art-deco style where different typefaces combine and create a recognisable retro pattern of letter form.

The serif design in the form of sharp corners of the letters looks hip and supports all open-type features for precise typography design. Smythe will make a barber shop chic and welcoming with its typeface suitable for the shop’s display texts.

There are many characters available with Smythe Regular font to connote emotions. Its bold weight has a masculine feel, and the stylish letters make the overall font design mature and stable.

Design experts feel that a font design is the visual creation of the brand through letters that unknowingly impact the customer’s opinions. Thus, barber shops must focus on stirring the audience’s hairstyle choices with their font.


6. Alvaro Condensed

Alvaro Condensed

Alvaro’s clean, refined font style sets the mood as happy. Its more straightforward sans-serif typeface requires cautious detailing to ensure the fusion of readability and art style for a striking font design.

Its fascinating appearance catches everyone’s eyes. The typeface is a remarkable font design that adds personality to the brand. The aesthetic value it creates perfectly aligns with a powerful style of lettering.

Barber shops can forge a contrast with Alvaro Condensed’s different weights and textures. Also, it works finely for a hierarchical representation of the text to convey the message of the shop owner’s style of service.

The typeface leaves room for creativity to mould the font into a unique alignment for the shop’s design. The customer’s subconscious communicates with the design elements to form a judgement of the shop.

For a trendy hair or beard-styling barber shop, Alvaro can play a vital role in conveying the precise fashion sense of the hairdresser.


7. Asterone


Barber shops can set the fashion trend high with Asterone modern sans serif font style that is a proper fit for depicting the craze for quality barber services. Its vogue lettering creates a positive impact on the brand.

The stylish font typeface of Asterone connects with customers’ feelings. It enables inspiration and future vision in the minds of viewers. The font’s weight and lettering are compatible with the headlines, titles, and branding design of varying themed barber shops.

Further, it creates an avant-garde visual with the consistency of the font design. The modern letters represent the tradition and flexibility of the font design. Design experts believe sans serif fonts like Asterone hold straightforwardness as an appealing element for consumers.

A hair salon must be able to communicate its new and flashy fashion elements with the font style of the shop. Asterone is the most economical, modern and classy option for barber shops to explain their offered hairstyles with the shop’s design font.


8. Grand Duke

Grand Duke

The beautiful uneven strokes of the Grand Duke font scream attention. Barber shops can embark on the creation of a subtle brand identity with this serif font design.

It gives a casual yet stylish look to the viewers. If you notice, the typeface has a pinch of intrigue associated with letters that invite clients to explore the shop.

Looking at the font style, you can easily understand the brand’s intent to provide reliable hairstyles and to stick with the latest trends in hairstyle fashion. It silently exhibits the shop’s aesthetics and care towards customers.

To harness the power of attracting today’s youth crowd, barber shops have to rejuvenate energy and style through their font. This communicates their service style, and the Grand Duke font does the task of subconsciously impacting a visitor’s perception of the shop.

When a font successfully displays alignment, hierarchy, and consistency of the letters, half of the marketing is complete at the font design phase.


9. Jolly Barber Font

Jolly Barber Font

A jolly font for the cheerful barbers in the town is a quintessential design that looks cool and authentic to the viewers.

Aesthetically rugged designs inspire its endless variations, and the serif vintage typeface is perfect for the hottest barber shop. With circular strokes inside the letterform and the rough texture of the design, it’s an outstanding presentation of a powerful brand.

If there is one font that makes your shop stand out in 2022, then it’s Jolly Barber. Barber shops can emulate this font and mould the design to fit their hairdressing style.

The font width aligns perfectly with the typography to produce the desired classic effect. Font design experts suggest using medium-weight letters for bold typefaces like Jolly Barber to avoid compromising the font legibility.

One of the striking elements of this font is the blend of colours in the letterform. Therefore, to reflect the shop’s identity, select a suitable colour palette to fit the font and the brand.

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10. The Rumble Brave

The Rumble Brave

This decorative font merges ornamental elements of typography to give a timeless effect to the barber shop font design.

It has an interesting typeface that uses a mixture of modern letter style and calligraphy to catch the viewer’s attention. The display size of the font is suitable for signage and the title of the shop. However, small size ‘’Rumble Brave’’ sentence bodies can strain the eyes due to the adorning effect of letters.

To stand out, barber shops should use this font for the shop signage to create an exclusive image for their brand among young and old customers alike.

Graphic designers say that vintage fonts evoke nostalgia and a feeling of revisiting bygone times. Ergo they are popular among barber shops.


11. Berold


Berold has an exceptional uppercase style that’s distinct from any other font. The start and end of the word finish in decorative strokes to create a striking appearance for the eyes.

Its serif letter form looks classic and holds attention without any bold letters. The medium thickness of the letters looks modern and rich, making any brand seem perpetual.

Barber shops can create an arresting effect with the ‘’Berold’’ typeface font design. With its unique display size, shop owners can tweak the weight of letters and use it for signage and brand design to merge it with the overall shop’s outlook.

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Modern barber shops can attract customers by creating unique signage using trending barber shop fonts to showcase their brand exclusivity.

Font designs showcase the best side of any brand, and if chosen carefully, they play an equally important role in organic marketing. The best font experts suggest synchronising the brand’s logo with font design to create a lasting effect on customers.

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